3ply surgical face mask, Kn95 Respirator mask, Vitrile, Nitrile, and Vynile Gloves Wholesale Supplies

Buy 3ply surgical face Mask, kn95 respirator mask, Vitrile, Nitrile, and Vynile gloves at a better wholesale suppliers price. We are a wholesale distributor of top branded medical face masks from the United Kingdom. We are shipping to international destinations around the globe. Request for quotation now by filling the form.

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We Offer The Following Kn95 respirator mask, Nitrile, Vitrile, 3ply Surgical Face Mask and Vynile Gloves To Retailers and Wholesalers

3 ply Medical Face masks

Get your wholesale 3 ply medical and surgical face mask at a highly competitive rate. We have available from different brands to suit different markets. These are available only with the elastic earloop.

3 ply Disposable surgical mask

Protection from high-risk patients and procedures involving high levels of spray,  spatter, moisture and airborne particles.

Nitrile Coated Gloves

We have available blue, black, purple nitrile gloves, as well as pink nitrile gloves. These nitrile coated gloves are of the best brands and very high-quality standards with high bacteria and germ resistance. Request a quote now for more details.

Vynile Gloves - Vitrile

Get your top quality vynile gloves vitrile at a wholesale distribution rate and get super fast delivery within 72 hours of order confirmation. These latex anti-bacteria gloves are one of the best to protect the hands from infections at all time.

KN95 Respirator Mask

This creates a tight seal around the face with the help of the aluminum nose piece. Reduces gapping and providing better protection for the wearer. This Kn95 respirator face mask is ideal for anti-dust and anti-bacterial protection at all times.

Master Series

Playing with colors not Protection. Comfort, With Master Series, fit and protection are not compromised, Medicom SafeMask Master Series offers the perfect solution.

Medicom SafeMask N95 Respirator

NIOSH approved duckbill cone respirators which feature 95% filter efficiency level and they provide protection against particulate aerosols free of oil.

Medicom Safe Mask Cone Face mask

This Utility mask is made of latex free and a porous material which helps protect the weare from body fluids and   contamination caused by exhaled micro-organisms

3 m N95 Respirator 8210 Safe Mask

NIOSH and EC approved 3 m N95 8210 respirators which feature 95% filter efficiency level and provide protection against particulate aerosols free of oil.

3M N95 Particulate Respirator 1860

Medical grade all 3M N95 1860 1860S Small Child Face Respirator Masks. These can also be shipped to any airport around the globe once order is confirmed.

Supply Process Of 3ply surgical face mask, Vynile gloves, kn95 respirator mask, nitrile, and Vitrile gloves

Since we are a wholesale distributor of 3ply surgical face mask, kn95 respirator mask, Vynile, nitrile, and Vitrile gloves, we provide our customers a rich and smooth supplies experience due to faster order processing and shipping time. We operate a facility where we only store orders that have been prepared for shipment in the next 2 days. Customers place their orders and we get the order prepared and get it shipped from our facility within 2 to 5 days.

We operate in such a manner to allow a free flow of stock at our facility. Once the order is placed and confirmed, customers have to make sure that they are certain about the final destination delivery address because once shipped. Any adjustment on delivery address will be at the cost of the customer. So please make sure of your delivery address. Contact for More details. Also check frequently asked questions from our clients regarding orders by clicking here >>

Wholesale 3ply Surgical Face Mask, nitrile gloves, vitrile gloves, vynile gloves and kn95 respirator mask

Why Buy Wholesale 3ply Surgical Face Mask, Kn95 respirator mask, nitrile, vytrile, or Vitrile gloves here?

Buying wholesale kn95 respirator mask,3ply surgical face mask, nitrile gloves, Vitrile, or Vynile gloves from us is highly beneficial to both wholesalers and retailers who want to buy at a near manufacturing price. We have mentioned just a few reasons why buying these medical supplies from us will be profitable for your business.

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We value your business as much as we value ours. So we make sure to always not leave you hanging without a response or update on your orders. We will never het you walked up.

Competitive Prices

Our wholesale prices are hardly to beat since we deal with the manufacturing units. You will be buying at a near manufacturing price rate of no more than 5% added. This means there is enough room for our customers to make good profits.

Faster Delivery Time

Your order will be shipped on time within 2 days maximum after we receive at our facility from the manufacturing unit. We make sure to use a reliable shipping company or the shipping company of your preference.

Original Product Quality

The quality of our medicom safe 3ply surgical face mask is original since we get it directly from the manufacturer themselves. So you can relax and be rest assured that the quality will level your expectations.

Faster order Procession

Your order will be processed within 2 to 5 working days max after which it will be ready at our facility for immediate shipment to your delivery address. This means you no longer have to wait for 14 days like other wholesalers make you wait.

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We always make sure to respond to your queries as soon as possible. We make sure to reply to your questions and queries within 24 hours maximum. This helps in having a smooth and faster order completion process.

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Reaching us to inquire is very simple. Simply use the button below to be navigated to the contact form and fill the form to send us your inquiry. Once we receive your inquiry about 3 ply surgical face mask, kn95 respirator, vynile or vitrile gloves, or nitrile gloves we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quotation to proceed.

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